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ATV Community Input

The selectboard included flood related information and a survey in 685 tax bills mailed in August asking for opinions on ATV hours of operation and on opening all Class 2 and 3 roads to resident ATV traffic. 158 were returned. 

The information below documents the process used by the selectboard to amend the ATV ordinance.

Vermont’s open meeting law exists to promote transparency, accountability and better decision-making in government. These meetings must be warned ahead of time with agenda items listed. 

There have been several public meetings, properly warned, with the ATV Ordinance on the agenda. Based on the published minutes of these meetings approximately 213 people attended in person or virtually. At each meeting, participants had the opportunity to express their opinions on the topic.

  • Do you think we should open all Class 2,3,4 roads to residents only?
    • 88 YES
    • 70 NO
  • Do you think we should change the curfew to later in the am and earlier in the pm?
    • 72 YES
    • 82 NO

The selectboard received a document titled “Expression of Public Sentiment” signed by 32 people requesting that the town plan revision process, which is under the jurisdiction of the Planning Commission, be used to research and consider considerations for ATV usage. This was displayed at the town hall for public viewing. 

The selectboard received a non-binding petition titled “ATV Support 2023” signed by 120 people asking that we do not wait for the town plan revision process to amend the ATV ordinance and that we reopen the Class 3 portion of Woodchuck Hollow East. This was displayed at the town hall for public viewing. 

The selectboard received approximately 26 individual email/letters expressing public opinion all of which were reviewed and displayed at the town hall for public viewing. 

The selectboard searched 45 VT town websites for ATV ordinances finding 28 ordinances for review,

The chair of the selectboard met with leaders of the local ATV club one time to ensure that the road names for ATV usage were clearly defined and properly named as this was where a major error occurred in the last ordinance. 

In December 2023 the selectboard reviewed/discussed the initial draft version setting a January 9, 2024 date for final review and adoption.

On January 9, 2024 the selectboard adopted the amended version. Community members had 44 days (Feb 22) to submit a petition to “disapprove” the amended version for what we thought could be a town meeting vote.

On Feb 1st the Town Clerk let the selectboard know that she was required to post the warning for town meeting by February 4th.Since no petition had been submitted by February 4th, no vote was listed on the town meeting warning. 

On February 22nd, the Town Clerk let the selectboard know that a valid petition had been submitted. 

Throughout this process the selectboard consulted several times with the Vermont League of Cities and Towns to ensure adherence to the process as outlined in statute.  

Some themes from community inputBy whom?In the amended ordinance?
Open all Class 2,3,4 roads to residents onlyCommunity membersNo
Keep curfew the same 6:00am-10:00pmChanged to 7:00am-9:30pmCommunity membersNo
Reopen Class 3 portion of Woodchuck Hollow (East)Community membersNo
Eliminate selectboard requirement for permission from landowners adjacent to public road before opening to ATV usageCommunity membersYes
Prohibit all ATV usage in the Town Community membersNo
Use town plan revision process to research and consider this issueCommunity membersNot the purview of the selectboard


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