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ATV vote:

The ATV vote of April 20, 2024:

221 registered town voters were checked in.

221 registered town voters were each handed one yellow voter card.

220 registered town voters checked in for a 2nd time after the vote was called, and each voter then exchanged his/her one yellow voter card for one green pre-printed yes/no ballot, other than the voters who were told to write yes or no on his/her yellow voter card due to having fewer printed ballots than originally thought.

220 ballots were cast at the ballot box which was in a public spot with an election official nearby.

No ballots were spoiled.

No ballots were discarded.

There were 5 members of the Board of Civil Authority, all of them also Justices of the Peace, counting and re-counting the cast ballots, with witnesses on both sides of the issue present.

The cast ballots are locked inside the town hall vault.

The next vote on May 11, 2024, will have different color voter cards and ballots than what were used on the ATV vote.

For concerns about anything, do attend a selectboard meeting.

The next one is May 7, 2024, 6:30 p.m., at the town hall.

attest: Lois Deberville, Town Clerk


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