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Board of Civil Authority

Board of Civil Authority
May 9. 2024

BCA members: Anna Strong (Chair), Ray McCormack, Harry Roush, Peter Carbee, Sheila Duranleau, Lois Deberville

Visitors: JH, Susan Davis, Billy Donovan

  1. Anna called the meeting to order at 5:37 p.m.
  2. No agenda changes or additions
  3. Harry made motion to approve the minutes from the October 19, 2023, meeting, 2nd by Peter, ayes carried.
  4. Mr. H explained why he does not feel he should have to pay the late fees and penalties on the 2023 tax bill. The chair thanked him and said there will be a Board of Abatement meeting scheduled for a decision.
  5. Lois had submitted the biennial voter checklist review to the election board on challenging and purging voters no longer residing in Washington. To recap, the BCA sent challenge letters to 23 in October 2023 and 1 in March 2024, and 8 have not responded. They may be purged if they have not voted in two (2) consecutive general elections.
    Susan: how to know if folks are voting who aren’t living here more than they aren’t. Lois: no way to know that. Peter and Harry concurred. The state notifies us if people register to vote elsewhere in Vermont.
  6. Election procedures were discussed for the upcoming town budget re-vote.
    Anna: if someone needs accommodations they have to check in the day before an election no later than the close of the town clerk’s office. By statute, this is for ballot votes only but not for floor vote.

During the review of the recent ATV ordinance vote:

Susan: last paper vote was not private. Peter: could return to seat and vote, most folks brought them up to the ballot box.

Billy: thinks statute requires secrecy, says there was only 1 table, asked about the stand-up voter booth. Peter: that would be nice but only 4 corners for those 200 people. Lois: there were 2 tables. Sheila: usually people take the paper (ballot) and make their mark and put in box.

Billy: state statute required that the ATV ordinances be posted at the vote. Peter: there were copies on the table for folks.

Billy to Lois: what is the protocol for handling checklist. Lois: did checklist as seen at the vote and brought back to town hall. We do not have to keep the checklist; statute says only ballots.

  1. Harry: number of properties that the assessed value is excessively high, taxes that were due don’t represent the value, when such properties go for tax sale the town makes the first bid. If nobody bids then the town ends up owning these properties and it’ll cost more to get rid of them than they are worth. He and Scott have discussed properties to abate.

Anna: will have abatement meeting on May 21, 2024, at 5:30 p.m.

Members of Board of Abatement are Justices of The Peace, Listers, Treasurer, Town Clerk, Selectboard.

Sheila made motion to adjourn at 7:08 p.m, 2nd by Harry, ayes carried. Attest: Lois Deberville