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Echo Valley Community Elementary School System

Echo Valley School System logo, a white wolf against a blue background

The original Washington Village School was built in 1884, a two-level wooden building with four rooms. It was heated by a coal-burning automatic stoker. The building burned in 1959. According to the Washington Historical Society, local resident and contractor, Paul Vermette, drew up plans to build a new school for $79,000 by utilizing the labor of Washington citizens. He estimated that would save the town about $35,000, plus they could salvage some parts of the burned school. The new school was dedicated on February 25, 1960, and the town honored Paul on March 17, 1960 for his ingenious and money saving town effort.

The school was historically for grades K-8. As of [YEAR], the school now serves pre-K through 4th grades for the towns of Washington and Orange, VT. Grades 5-8 for these towns now attend Orange Center School. Washington and Orange schools comprise the Echo Valley Community Elementary School system.

The 1891 bell from the original school sits on a platform in front of the current building.

School Board Members

Monica McDonald – Chair
Term 3 years  March 2021-2024

Bill Clark – Vice Chair
Term 3 years March 2020-2023

Dominique Lafond – Clerk
Term 3 years March 2021-2024

Lee Gardner – Member
Term 3 years March 2022-2025

Heather Flinn – Member
Term 3 years March 2021-2024

Don Mountford 
Term 1 Year March 2022-2023