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Culvert Project on MacDonald Rd.

Proposal For Bid Work

                The town of Washington is accepting bids for a large culvert replacement project on Macdonald Road. The work area begins just East of the Macdonald Road and Poor Farm Road intersection. The new 40’ long, 137” x 87”, 12 gauge corrugated metal culvert will be supplied by the town. We expect delivery in July. We are delivering the culvert directly to the site. We anticipate construction to start after July 1st, and be completed by October 1st 2023. The culvert will have a cast in place, reinforced concrete head wall. The culvert and headwall will be placed on a bed of ¾” crushed stone. 6” of crushed stone under the culvert, and 12” under the headwall. The culvert and headwall will be backfilled with a clean granular material meeting VTRANS 704.08 Granular Backfill for Structures Spec. Granular backfill will be placed to a limit of 18” around the new pipe and head wall. This clean material will be compacted by hand chinking around the pipe and mechanical compaction means. Native backfill will be used outside the 18” limits of the new structure. Material must be compacted in lifts. Lifts will not exceed 1’ thick. 2’ minus rip rap to armour the inlet and outlet of the culvert will be placed, 2’ thick once the pipe and headwall are backfilled. Road will be reconstructed using 18” gravel meeting VTRANS 301.26 Subbase Crushed Gravel, Fine Graded spec. 500’ of ditch excavation West of the culvert on the North side of the road. 300’ of ditch Regrading on the south side of the road is also included, West of the culvert. Traffic can be detoured around the project during work hours via Tower Road, Sugarhouse RD/Highland Hill and Carrier RD. The Detour will be set up and maintained by the town of Washington. Local traffic for residents in the work area must be accommodated. Please see the attached plan sketches, and site map for more details.

Special Provision, Stream Bypass 900.608: The contractor will need to work with the Stream Engineer, Pat Ross, and the town to set up an adequate bypass pump system to handle the stream flows during construction. A small dam will need to be built, and any water pumped around the culvert area. Demolition of the old culvert, excavation, culvert infill, and backfill for the new culvert will be done in the dry. Cast in place headwall work will also be done under dry conditions. Pat Ross can be reached at 802-279-1143, or by email at

900.618 4000 PSI Reinforced Concrete Headwall: Provide Formwork to cast a headwall consistent with the attached drawings at the inlet end of the culvert. Concrete will be Carrol Concrete 4000 PSI Exterior Mix, or approved equal. Reinforcing steel will be #5, grade 60 rebar.

                The town will be providing the Culverts, and purchasing the aggregate. The town crew will provide 2 dump trucks for support. The town trucks will not be hauling any rip rap. The Town of Washington will sub this work out. If the contractor has interest in hauling this material it can be done at an hourly rate agreed upon by the town. Trucking for rip rap should not be considered a part of this bid, it shall be considered additional work, billed at an hourly rate. Any additional trucking beyond the 2 trucks provided by the town, or the potential cost plus agreement to haul the over sized rip rap stone will be at the expense of the contractor. The Town will assit with final grading of the road after culvert install, and ditch work is complete. Town will also assist with final restoration (Topsoil, Seed, Mulch, etc.). At least 24 hours notice is required for town support. Work to be coordinated with the road foreman and select board.

This is a VTRANS funded project, so all work must be done according to the VTRANS 2018 Standard Specifications for construction. These standards are available for download at:  All work is to be done to the satisfaction of the select board and VTRANS. Work will need to pass a final inspection by VTRANS. Any questions about this project should be directed to Robert “Fred” Blanchard 802-371-8696, or AJ Galfetti 802-793-4137. This is a Lump Sum project, using the following VTRANS items for reference, Quantities are estimated:

Vtrans Item #DescriptionEst Qty
203.15Common Excavation100 CY
204.2Trench Excavation of Earth300 CY
204.3Granular Backfill for Structures60 CY
301.26Subbase Crushed Gravel, Fine Graded75 CY
529.15Removal of Structure1 LS
613.1Stone Fill, Type I125 CY
621.2W beam Guard Rail W. Anchors100 LF
635.11Mobilization1 LS
641.11Traffic Control, All Inclusive1 LS
704.02 B3/4″ Drainage Stone14 CY
706.07E-Stone Type 1 for Culvert Infill24 CY
900.608Special Provison, Stream bypass1 LS
900.6184000 PSI Reinforced Concrete Headwall1 LS

All work on this Project must be completed by October 1st 2023.  

A mandatory Pre Bid will be held on June 23rd at 7am on site.

All questions to be submitted by June 30th  answers to be provided by July 7th.

Sealed bids must be received by 6:30 PM on July 11th. Bids will be opened shortly after as part of the July select board meeting.

The select board reserves the right to reject any and all bids, and to determine who is awarded the project.