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3-Acre Permit Obtainment Assistance Program

The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is reaching out to ask for your assistance in getting the word out to your residents about the 3-Acre Permit Obtainment Assistance (POA) Program.

Vermont’s Clean Water Act requires sites with impervious surfaces of three or more acres, known as 3-acre sites, to obtain the Three-Acre Permit. To comply with this permit, these 3-acre sites, such as housing subdivisions and business parks, are required to treat stormwater runoff from their impervious surfaces—like roof tops, roads, and parking areas—to reduce pollution entering our waters. 

Clean water projects can be expensive. The POA Program is here to help with financial assistance. We’re excited to announce this opportunity! The POA Program has $12.4 million in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to support affected 3-acre sites obtain the Three-Acre Permit. Funding is currently available to pay for design and permitting costs. Up to $49,999 is available for most 3-acre sites.

Here is a list of many of the sites subject to the 3-acre requirement, however there are some sites not present on this list that may still be subject to 3-acre requirements. 

There are roughly 700 3-acre sites across Vermont. Our goal is to inform as many sites as possible about available funding. We need your help to spread the word!  

Here’s a collection of outreach materials you can use to get the word out in your community. Please share widely and as soon as feasible: 

  1. An infographic for a Facebook post
  2. A Word document containing a caption for the Facebook post infographic and content for a Front Porch Forum post
  3. A QR code linking to the POA Program website
  4. A flyer about the POA program to upload to your town website and/or print to keep in your office

The content above can also be included in your town’s newsletter or website.

Applications for the POA Program close on October 31st, 2024, at 4:00 pm, although we encourage people to apply well in advance of this deadline. You don’t need to have taken any steps toward permit obtainment to apply. We estimate that gathering information for the application and filling out the application will take 15 to 40 minutes. We plan to do multiple rounds of outreach between now and the application deadline. You can expect to receive 3 more rounds of outreach materials in May/June, July/August, and October, unless you let us know you’d prefer not to. 

My name is Madeline Russell and I am the 3-Acre Stormwater Project Developer at the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). Please let me know if you have any questions about this ask or the POA Program, and I will be happy to provide clarification. You can contact me by email at or by phone at 802-261-5739. Thanks for your support!

Madeline Russell