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A message from the listers

To: Washington Parcel Owners and Residents

As of Town Meeting day, we are the new Town Listers, Susan Davis and Billy Donovan. We want to let you know that we will be ‘in the field” in the coming few weeks reviewing the status of properties with current building permits, and/or other changes to the properties status.

Listers are elected officials who are responsible for the valuation of each parcel of real property owned in Washington. As Listers, we are responsible for the maintenance of the Grand List which is a comprehensive listing of every property in Washington, ensuring that it is as accurate and equitable as possible.

The assessment year runs from April 1st of the current year to March 31st of the following year. For any given year, the owner of record and condition of the property is effective as of April 1st. The Listers are responsible for assessing all real property in Washington in compliance with applicable Vermont State statutes. Our duties also include updating changes that result from building permits, changes in ownership or addresses, changes to tax maps, and changes to values for Washington properties enrolled in the State’s Current Use program.

Appeals and Grievances

All Washington property owners have the right to appeal or “grieve” the assessment of their property value. Grievance hearings are held each year in June (actual dates are determined year to year). A written request for grievance must be received in the Lister’s office prior to that. Results of these hearings are mailed to property owners within two weeks of the end of all hearings. Further appeals may be made to the town’s Board of Civil Authority, and at the State level to either the Vermont Supreme Court or the Director of Property Valuation and Review to request a hearing with a State Appraiser.

We encourage you to contact us ( should you have any questions about your property values, or upcoming property inspections. 
Hours: Mondays 1 PM – 3 PM at the town office building or by appointment by calling 802-883-2218. (holidays will be observed). 

Municipal Tax Rate

The Selectboard sets the tax rate or rates needed to raise money for municipal highway and general fund expenses. The municipal rate is levied against the municipal grand list which is maintained by the Listers..

Thank you!

Susan Davis – Lister 2 years
William Donovan – Lister 1 year

Phone: 802-883-2218