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Central Vermont Economic Development Corp.

Central Vermont Economic Development Corp.
New Website AND Email for CVEDC

Dear CVEDC Contacts, On Thanksgiving Day, CVEDC unfortunately lost its domain,, due to a processing error that resulted in the ability for a “poacher” of domains to purchase our URL. 
This impacts our website and email.

 We have unfortunately lost emails from Thursday-present that were addressed to us and they are
irrecoverable.  If you sent Mercy, Melissa, Shaneall, Abby or Sing at CVEDC an email in the last week that you did
not hear back from, please write to us at our new email addresses below to confirm receipt of your message. 
Thank you for taking this extra step to help us out with this transition.

Fortunately, we have been able to quickly set up new email addresses and move our website to a new and easier-to-say domain,  You will now find CVEDC’s website at: 

You may email Mercy, Shaneall, Abby, Sing and I at our new addresses