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Citizen of the Year 2024

Citizen of the year is an award given annually to a member of our community that has made a
significant contribution to our town.

John F. Kennedy is credited for saying “One person can make a difference and everyone should try.”
But what makes a good citizen?

A good citizen is someone who is selfless. They lift others up without the expectation or need to be
lifted up themselves.

Good citizens are connectors. They are the bridge, not the roadblock, between people. Rather than
always being the one who thinks they have the answer, they will help guide a person to someone who

Good citizens show up. They are always there because they want to be a part of every opportunity to
connect with and help their community.

I believe that we are fortunate to live in a community where we truly value those that try each day to
make a difference.

So, what makes a person stand out to be nominated as Citizen of the Year? It’s not a goal we can set at
the beginning of the year. You do not declare, “I want to be a good citizen.” It is a part of who you are
and what you do. These individuals offer remarkable service each and every day that is often invisible
to us. They don’t do it for the praise or the recognition – they do it simply because it makes a

This year’s recipient served our community for decades in ways that went above and beyond holding a
town office. I am certain I am not the only one who saw the lights on at the town building late at night.
This person did not hold a position that was 40 hours a week. It was much more and only grew
through the years.

And yet, even with the added duties and hours, I was never greeted with anything
but a smile, kindness, respect and “How are you doing today?” I know I was not alone. As a matter of
fact, this person probably shared more stories, laughter, and tears with community members than any of
us will ever know. Because this person cares about her community.

She built her home in Washington and raised her children here. She would make Christmas treats and
deliver them to various people in the community. She would organize fundraisers, dances, weddings
and celebrations of life without ever seeking acknowledgement. She has dedicated her heart and time
to our community for over 40 years.

“One person can make a difference and everyone should try.” You cannot care about your community
too much. Her commitment and dedication are an example we can proudly learn from and follow.

I am honored to be able to speak today.

Thank you for all you have done for the Town of Washington.

Please join me in recognizing Carol Davis as Citizen of the Year.

Sherry Beede, March 5, 2024