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Compost and Recycling Equipment For Sale

Compost and Recycling Equipment For Sale!
Did you know that CVSWMD sells composting and recycling equipment at discounted rates to District residents?
Although all of our Soil Savers, Green Cones, and recycling bins were in the ARCC at the time of the July 2023 flood, the good news is that only the packaging was damaged! For this reason, all of our composters and recycling bins are being sold at a heavy discount. Don’t worry – all of the equipment is still perfectly fine to use!
Soil Saver Compost Bins ($45) – These bins are easy to assemble and use right out of the box and can be set up anywhere. The lid locks in place, keeping critters out of your compost while providing an easy top opening for adding food scraps and mixing in browns.
Green Cone Solar Digester ($80) – An in-ground digester for all food scraps, including meat, dairy, and bones. This composter can be installed in any area that is sunny and has good soil drainage. The basket of the Green Cone is buried underground to allow the microorganisms and insects in the soil to break down the food scraps.
Recycling Bins ($6) – A convenient bin to collect all of your recyclables for pick up for drop off!
Compost Pails ($8) – Use these to collect food scraps on your kitchen counter until you can bring them to your compost bin or a drop-off site.
Please note that your equipment may still have some dirt on it due to the flood.
For more information or to schedule a pickup appointment, head over to our Compost Equipment Order Form on our website!