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Political Media in Polling Place

 See the following from the Secretary of State’s Voter FAQs page:

“Can I wear a shirt or button demonstrating my favorite candidate into the polling place?

No. If you plan to wear candidate paraphernalia, you will have to cover it while inside the building containing the polling place. The polling place is about voting, not campaigning—once voters have entered the polling place the campaigns have ended.”  See 17 V.S.A. § 2508(a)(1)(A),

“The presiding officer shall ensure during polling hours on the day of the election that:

(A) within the building containing a polling place, no campaign literature, stickers, buttons, name stamps, information on write-in candidates, or other political materials that display the name of a candidate on the ballot or an organized political party or that demonstrate support or opposition to a question on the ballot are displayed, placed, handed out, or allowed to remain;” (emphasis added).