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Town Auditors Needed!

There are currently 3 open spots for town auditors. Washington would greatly benefit from someone(s) to start with fresh eyes beginning this March and moving forward. .

Deadline to file a petition with the town clerk to be on the March 5, 2024,  ballot is Monday, January 29, 2024, 5 p.m.. 

Despite what the following says, the school has its own auditors:

According to Vermont Statutes Annotated, the auditors must “examine and adjust the accounts of all town and town school district officers and all other persons authorized by law to draw orders on the town treasurer”, and the auditors must “report their findings in writing and cause the same to be mailed or otherwise distributed to the legal voters of the town at least ten days before the annual meeting.” 24 V.S.A. 1681, 1682(a)