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Town Officials Contact Information

Animal Control: Robert Lowe 1-802-461-3318

Assistant Town Clerk: Peter Carbee 1-802-883-2218

Auditor: Robert Warren 1-802-486-0350

Auditor: Leona Grearson

Cemetery: Robert Blanchard 1-802-371-8696

Cemetery: Tony Ziter

Cemetery: Robert Farnham 1-802-589-3022

CVRPC: Peter Carbee 1-802-883-2218

Delinquent Tax Collector by appointment: Scott Blanchard 1-802-839-0597

Emergency Management: Robert Blanchard 1-802-371-8696

FEMA: Ben Tiefenthaler 1-802-439-3043

Fire Chief/Fire Warden: Ryan Bresette 1-802-272-0892

Justices of the Peace:

Scott Blanchard 1-802-839-0597

Peter Carbee    1-802-883-2218

Carol Davis     1-802-883-2218
(we will get the message to her)

Ray McCormack

H. Brooke Paige          1-802-883-2320

Harry Roush    1-802-883-2218
(we will get the message to him)

Anna Strong    1-802-917-3102

Library trustee: Maxine Durbrow 1-802-522-3789

Library trustees: Lori Beede, Harriet Blanchard, Andrea Poulin, Linda Beede

Lister: Mondays 1-3 Susan Davis 1-802-883-2218

Lister: Mondays 1-3 Billy Donovan 1-802-883-2218

Moderator: Ben Tiefenthaler 1-802-439-3043

Orange County Sheriff: George Contois 1-802-685-4875 State Police 1-802-229-9191, or 911

Planning: Robert Farnham 1-802-589-3022

Planning: Vince Vermette 1-802-883-5526

Planning: Joe Bresette

Planning: Gary Winders 1-802-883-5552

Planning: Ryan Bresette 1-802-272-0892

Planning: Jack Peterson 1-802-883-5509

Planning: Kara Williams

Recreation Department: Vince Vermette 1-802-883-5526

Recreation Department: Robert Blanchard 1-802-371-8696

Recreation Department: Danielle Bresette 1-802-272-0892

Recreation Department: Carol Poulin 1-802-883-5563

Recreation Department: Ann Wade    

Selectboard -meet the 1st Tuesday of each month with some exceptions, 6:30 pm at the town hall

Selectboard: Sheila Duranleau 1-802-883-2218

Selectboard: AJ Galfetti 1-802-793-4137

Selectboard: Josh Bell

Transportation Advisory Committee: Peter Carbee 1-802-883-2218

Town Clerk: M, Tues, Wed, Thurs 9-12:30, 1-5 Lois Deberville 1-802-883-2218

Town Garage   1-802-589-3032

Treasurer by appointment Scott Blanchard 1-802-839-0597

Zoning: Gary Winders 1-802-883-5552