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Selectboard 6/4/2024

Selectboard Regular Meeting

June 4, 2024

DRAFT Page 1


Selectboard: Sheila Duranleau (Chair), AJ Galfetti, Josh Bell

Town officers: Peter Carbee (Assistant Town Clerk), Lois Deberville (Town Clerk), Ben Tiefenthaler (FEMA admin), Billy Donovan (Lister)

Visitors: Dr. Robert Rinaldi, Terry Reil

Zoom: Cheri Galfetti, Ryan Bresette

  1. Chair called the meeting to order at 6:32 p.m.
  2. Josh made the motion to approve the minutes from the May 14, 2024, meeting, 2nd by AJ, ayes carried.
  3. Adjustments to agenda: Josh introduced Terry Reil from Pro Fleet LLC, will be put under Visitors. AJ asked about a credit card for the road crew, he will check with Scott (treasurer). Sheila will discuss locked-in fuel prices, added 7.7
  4. Public Comment: Billy asked Peter for a copy of the exchange with the Vermont League of Cities and Towns (VLCT) on the amending of warning article for the budget meeting. Sheila reiterated that exchanges between VLCT (and individual) are considered client/attorney privilege.
  5. Visitors: Terry Reil, Pro Fleet LLC: this is his business and he does safety compliance consulting.   He explained such offerings as air brake training, drug and alcohol collection. He gave the board sample CDL driver forms, as well as prices for services. Both AJ and Josh have had interactions with Terry, and highly recommend him.  Josh made the motion to hire Pro Fleet LLC, 2nd by AJ, ayes carried. Josh will be the contact person.
  6. Town Clerk report:
    1. The security system was updated using money from the restoration fund, allowed by the state.
    1. Have had complaints about people parking in front of the handicap ramp, would like lines painted. AJ will send Lois the names of businesses who could do this to ADA compliance.
    1. The Jail House road sign has been taken again, there was a recent incident when an ambulance had difficulty finding a residence. Dr. Rinaldi explained how the latest Bear Hoot Hollow sign was attached differently so it couldn’t be easily removed.
    1. Some calls about chloride: AJ explained that chloride is put down after grading as it has to go down on loose road, and right now we don’t have enough to do extra.
    1. No access to building on Friday, June 7, 2024, due to power washing being done.
    1. Board ok’d taking the old computers to Computer Barn for wiping and recycling. Peter will call to see if there will be a cost.
    1. Lois declined the state’s offer to send the new green books of statutes which now will cost the town $410.50 per set (previously were no cost to town), as the person who sent the information did say all statutes are available online.


  • Billy said they have a few more site visits to do and some more data entry with the district advisor, still have Current Use to do. Will be preparing the change of appraisal notices within the next ten days, and grievance info. All will be mailed out.

FEMA Admin:

  1. Ben: we are now on our 4th FEMA project manager. Things on FEMA’s end are slow moving. Ben keeps in constant touch with FEMA, reiterating the urgency.     

DRAFT Page 2

 FEMA continued: Ben explained other projects that the new FEMA team seems more amenable to. Ben is meeting with a FEMA team on June 5, there will be an upcoming site visit. FEMA is encouraging towns to pursue options that will save the federal government and the town money in the long term.

                Hands Mill: Ben said we also have a new state person on this project. Looking at October for construction to begin.

7.1          Hazard Mitigation Grant Program: This is a grant that would give us no-match funding. Ben said Steven Libbey would come do a site visit and help them through the application process. August 16 is the pre-application due date.

7.2          Local Emergency Management Plan (LEMP): the board reviewed the plan as updated by Sheila, AJ made the motion to accept, 2nd by Josh, carried by ayes.

                Some points: Fred Blanchard, Lois Deberville, Josh Bell, Maxine Durbrow, Sheila Duranleau, AJ Galfetti, Ryan Bresette, Ben Tiefenthaler are listed for duties relating to the LEMP. There is virtual training available. The primary location for the emergency operation center is the fire station because they have a radio, alternate is the town hall. Authority to spend emergency money up to $5000 is traditionally given to the fire chief but will add selectboard members. We want to make a list of vulnerable residents who would need to be checked on immediately in the event of an emergency.

7.3          Lois had found check stubs from 2023 written out as past compensation to elected officials, gave the information to Scott. There will be a new method of when to pay out service agency monies that get voted on at town meetings, and a new method of when to pay elected officials their compensation.

7.4          Septic system: Craig Chase sent a letter saying the state needs to know the previous use of this building’s septic system.  This was not only a church with different functions, but also had an attached apartment.  Peter will contact Craig for more information.

7.5          TH47 update: Site visit will be July 16, 2024 with AJ and Josh, (site visits do not count as a meeting) certified letters will be sent to the adjoining property owner(s) and anyone with interest, such as someone with a right of way.

7.6          State child labor law prohibits anyone under age 18 to operate power equipment. Josh said an interested parent had called the state and was also told this. Sheila will look into the statute again to try to make it work.

7.7          Motion made by AJ to allow Chris Locarno (Director of Finance for Central Vermont Supervisory Union) to lock the town into set fuel oil prices, 2nd by Josh, ayes carried. (garage, fire department, town clerk’s office, library)

7.8          The personnel policy needed some clarification specifically on overtime and holiday pay. Sheila presented changes to the board members. Lois said she had chosen to take a day rather than take the paid time and a half for town meeting (a working holiday for town clerk). Sheila said that’s fine, it’s flex time. Josh made motion to adopt, 2nd by AJ, ayes carried. Motion to adjourn at 8:21 by Josh, AJ 2nd, ayes carried.

This is a draft subject to amendment/approval at a future selectboard meeting. Attest: Lois Deberville, Town Clerk

Next regularly scheduled selectboard meeting is Tuesday, July 2, 2024, at the town hall, 6:30 p.m.