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Selectboard Agenda, June 6, 2023


Regular Meeting
Tuesday June 6, 2023 at 6:30 pm
Town Hall, Washington VT

  1. Call meeting to order
  2. Review and approve minutes from May 9, 2023 regular meeting.
  3. Adjustments to agenda
  4. Visitors
    4.1 Diane Chaffee
    4.2 Snowflyers
  5. Financials
    5.1 Delinquent Tax Collector’s report
    5.2 Treasurer’s report
    5.3 Road Foreman’s report
    5.4 FY23 Town budget close out.
  6. Old Business
    6.1 Update on auditor(s)
    6.2 Town truck sale. When will it be moved?
    6.3 Draft employee personnel policies (review and take action)
    6.4 Road crew uniforms and internet at town garage and fire station (update)
    6.5 Update on CV Fiber hub location – Karen Kotecki
    6.6 Revised animal ordinance (review and take action)
    6.7 Donovan site visit report out by Road Foreman
  7. New Business
    7.1 Vacant road crew positions
    7.2 McDonald Road Bid proposal (update)
    7.3 Board of Civil Authority
    7.4 Annual dam fee is due for Hands Mill $350.
    7.5 AOT Grants in Aid Program
    7.6 Process and timeline for tax bills
    7.7 Special weight permit. Have we updated as required?
    7.8 Certification for compliance for roads and bridges (did we complete this last meeting)
    7.9 FY24 Town highway grants and annual financial plan due April 15th (was this done)
    7.10 RPC Municipal Technical Assistance
    7.11 Town Plan
  8. Next regular meeting: July 11, 2023; 6:30pm; Town Hall