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Selectboard Agenda, May 9, 2023


Regular Meeting
Tuesday May 9, 2023 at 6:30 pm
Town Hall, Washington VT

Final and posted on 5/7/23

  1. Call meeting to order
  2. Review and approve minutes from March 30, 2023 regular meeting and minutes
    from April 18, 2023 Emergency Meeting.
  3. Visitors
    3.1 Sam Lash CVRPC: grant opportunities for energy assessments and building grants.
    3.2 Casey Spencer Winooski Natural Resource Conservation District: update on Hands
    Mill Dam removal and opportunity to improve water quality by addressing culvert on
    Woodchuck Hollow.
    3.3 Other visitors
  4. Financials
    4.1 Treasurer’s report
    4.2 Delinquent Tax Collector’s report
    4.3 Road Foreman’s report
    4.4 Funding the Town through FY23 (Budget vs Actuals)
    4.5 School payment – email from Chris Locarno $682,528 is due. Bill will come this
    month. Chad from S&P wants to confirm before we pay it.
  5. Old Business
    5.1 Road and bridge standards compliance (annual requirement). Did we find this?
    5.2 Environmental conversation permit (annual requirement). Did we find this?
    5.3 Update on auditor(s)
    5.4 Appoint tree warden
    5.5 ATV Ordinance. No petitions submitted. Effective on May 28, 2023
    5.6 Draft employee personnel policies (review)
    5.7 Formal procedure for meetings (review and adopt)
    5.8 Update on CV Fiber hub location – Karen Kotecki
    5.9 Update on adding virtual meeting option for community
    5.10 Buswell archeological review
    5.11 DISA Transportation. Roster Update Reminder & Invoice/Payment Options
    5.12 Revised animal ordnance will be on June agenda
    5.13 Donovan site visit
  6. New Business
    6.1 Vacant road crew position
    6.2 Bid opening for town truck (open and select bid)
    6.3 Town Highway Class 2 Roadway Program grant application
    6.4 Better Roads Cat D grant award
    6.5 Mud season review and ideas for infrastructure improvements
    6.6 Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (review and adopt)
    6.7 Liquor and tobacco license (review and approve)
    6.8 ARPA reporting
    6.9 Road crew uniforms and internet at town garage and fire station
    6.10 WVS use of Town Hall this summer while HVAC system is upgraded.
  7. 6.11 McDonald Road Bid proposal
  8. 6.12 Gilespies fuel cap is $3.62. Expires July 31, 2023
  9. 6.13 When do we issue funds for town officers/service agencies approved at Town
  10. Meeting?
  11. 6.14 Appoint representatives to the Governing Board of the CV Telecommunications District.
  12. 6.15 Tax exemption certificate
  13. 6.16 Tax bills
  14. 6.17 Town lawn care service cost increase
  15. 6.18 Sweeping
  16. 6.18 Other new business that has come up since the agenda was finalized that can’t wait until the next regular meeting.
  17. 7. Next regular meeting: June 6, 2023; 6:30pm; Town Hall