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Selectboard Budget Meeting

Selectboard Special Meeting


December 19, 2023



Selectboard: Fred Blanchard, Sheila Duranleau (Chair), AJ Galfetti

Town officers: Josh Bell (tree warden), Peter Carbee (planning), Lois Deberville (town clerk)

Visitors: Ryan Bresette, Maxine Durbrow

  1. Meeting called to order by Chair at 6:34 p.m.
  2. Adjustments to agenda: none presented
  3. FY25 second budget build exercise: Two issues are building the FY25 budget and the cash flow.

The treasurer was not able to attend due to illness. His opinion and recommendations are necessary to discuss the cash flow, so this evening’s exercise will be only working on the FY25 budget.

The fire department debt is paid by the town so it will be taken out of the fire department

budget and put into the town’s budget. This was suggested by Sullivan Powers & Co. The same will be done with the library’s debt. The library is waiting on an insurance payment to reimburse the town for $16,000 loaned them for the July flood clean-up.

Re: budgeting for three full time highway employees, this will remain.

The total FY25 budget is $1,150,26, FY24 was $873,384, difference of $276,678 increase.

This is all highway increase except for $30,000. The focus is trying to trim from the highway budget. Much of this is FEMA related, as town had to pay for the work while still waiting for reimbursement. We have paid out $357,196, with money collected by the delinquent tax collector.

Peter ran the spreadsheet on a computer while the board went over budgeted amounts compared to actual spent to date on supplies, maintenance, etc. We are almost $57,000 over budget on   vehicle expenses. We have spent $48,000 out of the previous $50,000 budgeted on maintenance. Gravel=$51,00 so far out of $40,000 budgeted. AJ: we have submitted for the first FEMA money which is for minor items (i.e.: debris removal), Peter said can take 6 months-2 years, AJ has heard of some towns being reimbursed within a few weeks.

Our debt is not flexible. We had no money to put down on the new truck but it’ll cut down on repairs needed. The recreation and cemetery departments have not been paid yet. ($4000=rec, $6000=cemetery) The service agencies are about $11,000 in requests.

Keeping 3 full-time road employees budgeted will increase OT and health insurance. Will budget for max (health insurance) as we don’t know what a 3rd FTE would want. 3 FTEs would be a budget of $54,000 for health insurance. We aren’t budgeting for disability and/or life insurance.

DRAFT Page 2

Mowing is kept in the FY25 budget, wasn’t able to do this year due to the flooding.

Lois will look for a Barre EMS contract, First Branch does not have a dollar amount on the contract, Lois will contact both ambulance services for dollar amounts.

No change in town officers’ pay, planning commission went up to nine members.

Building maintenance was raised to $5000.  Office supplies line item was reduced.

Insurances budgeted, workers’ comp.

Peter heard that the Orange County side judges plan on reducing their assessment by 15%, which would result in lowering our payment to the county by about $4000.

Animal Control Officer’s pay was increased from $3600/annual to $3900/annual because we are now running this through payroll.

Casella remains as budgeted. Dog expenses will be researched. Tax sales will even themselves out because we would recoup any resulting legal fees.

Peter said that the budget is now $29,242 higher than it was.

We are budgeted less for highway aid (as income) in FY25 than was budgeted for FY24.

Discussion on ARPA money allocation deadlines.

Vermont Emergency Alert: Fred as town’s emergency manager, one highway person, one fire department personnel, and Lois will sign up for this training which will allow the town to send out our own local alerts.

AJ moved to accept this proposed selectboard budget as discussed, 2nd by Fred, carried by ayes. Pending review by accountant and treasurer.

  • Public comment: none
  • Next meetings: The cash flow budget meeting will be January 2, 2024, 6:30 p.m. at the town hall. Next regular selectboard meeting is January 9, 2024, 6:30 p.m. at the town hall.

Fred moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:55 p.m., 2nd by AJ, carried by ayes.

This is a draft subject to amendment/approval at a future selectboard meeting.

Submitted: Lois Deberville

The final budget will be available for public review prior to town meeting.


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