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Selectboard Special Meeting 3/19/24

Selectboard Special Meeting

Tuesday March 19, 2024


Selectboard: AJ Galfetti, Josh Bell

Town officers: Peter Carbee (interim assistant town clerk), Lois Deberville (town clerk), Susan Davis (lister), Billy Donovan (lister), Leona Grearson (auditor), Harry Roush (assistant town clerk)

Visitors: Carroll Duranleau for Duranleau Construction

Zoom: Nick’s iPhone, Ryan Bresette, Sarah Teel

  1. AJ called the meeting to order at 6:28 p.m.
  2. Adjustments to agenda
    1. Susan for the listers after Buswell Demolition Project
  3. Public comment on issues not on the agenda:
    1. Leona has reviewed all the minutes to date since May 2023 to familiarize herself, and said it will be an honor to work with the selectboard and the community, she looks forward to the challenge. She offered some views on potentially expanding the selectboard to 5 people, perhaps adding it to the upcoming budget town meeting. AJ thanked her for stepping up to be an auditor.
  4. Carroll (Duranleau Construction) has a $30,000+ bill from Casella Waste for the Buswell Demolition Project. He would like to receive that amount now to pay Casella, and will finish the project when the ground thaws enough.
    1. Motion made by AJ to pay $40,000 now to Duranleau Construction, 2nd by Josh, ayes carried.
  5. Adjustments to agenda:

Susan speaking for the listers: discussed their meeting with district advisor Barb.

Discussed wanting to put out an RFP (request for proposal) for reappraisal services. Susan and Billy would like to have someone come in for 2-3 hours a week to help them as they learn. They will be doing lister training, looking for all the free training and webinars. AJ suggested revisiting this after going through all the free training available. Billy reminded selectboard of some of the listers’ deadlines.

Susan said the NEMRC files have all been backed up.

Susan asked that if they (listers) have to sign a key policy, then why doesn’t anyone else who has a key have to sign. AJ said listers aren’t being singled out, it will be handled at the May meeting. Susan said they were offered keys but had to sign something, which Lois explained is a guideline which will be incorporated into a policy. AJ said they can sign it or wait until the May meeting to get keys. Susan said she wants to publicly state that her questions are not meant to be argumentative, just an understanding of why others aren’t signing the policy. AJ said will discuss it in May.

Peter added that he will be gathering quotes for IT security services.

Susan would like to ask that any future selectboard minutes or other minutes be thoughtful in their public comments that “do not add value to the issue at hand’. She asks “that comments that may appear to be divisive and discrediting to elected officials be avoided”.  

Leona said public meeting minutes need to be reflective of the public meeting…If people can’t be respectful and civil, then maybe they need to take a break from coming to the meetings.

Peter and AJ said minutes need to reflect the meetings, with AJ adding there’s “no cushioning it and making it better.”

Peter would prefer to not see the selectboard or town clerk edit the minutes.

Billy said there were some topics in town meeting that were not covered.

Sarah said there are multiple times her conversations were left out. She would like recordings posted to provide a check on accuracy.

                Billy asked about the upcoming organizational meeting. AJ said it will be a regular meeting with selectboard members to give each other a role with the new board. It will be in May.

                Peter said grant contracts need to be signed by April 15. AJ is working on them. A special meeting will be called.

                Peter: The historical society would like to start cleaning upstairs in anticipation of the town receiving a grant for that area. There will probably be a small money request for disposal.

                Billy asked about how they will meet for budget. AJ said not yet, need to have another budget meeting. Date will be picked at the May meeting.

                Josh made motion to adjourn at 6:56 p.m., 2nd by AJ, ayes carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Lois Deberville

Town Clerk

Approved 3/28/2024


Passcode: iB$L266%


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