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Selectboard Special Meeting 6/21/23

Special Meeting Wednesday June 21, 2023 at 6:30 pm

Town Hall, Washington VT

  1. Call meeting to order
  2. Town highway equipment including replacing 2017 International truck
  3. Road side mowing
  4. Sales of the town 4×4 truck
  5. Culvert replacement on Stellar Road
  6. Adjourn meeting

Please Note: there are no changes on the ATV Ordinance/situation at this time.
Nothing related to ATVs is on the agenda for this special meeting.

Washington Selectboard

Special Meeting

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Selectboard members present: Sheila Duranleau (Chair), AJ Galfetti, Fred Blanchard

Town employees present: Harry Roush, Nick Benoit, Josh Bell, Lois Deberville

No visitors were present

1. Chair called meeting to order at 6:34 p.m.

2. Town highway equipment including replacing 2017 International truck:

Nick said truck is at garage in Barre, cheaper to keep it local. It needs a $4500 manifold job, every rear brake is bad, unsafe to drive and unsafe to operate, another $3000-$4000 needed for repairs plus tires, plus other issues. Warranty has expired and town is still paying on it. Estimate about $34,000 still owed.

Nick said the entire fleet is in poor condition. Town needs to justify which way to go, using the 4-wheel drive to chloride but it won’t pass inspection without at least $2500.00 in repairs.

Chair Duranleau: need to know how much is in our reserve fund. Fred: starting putting money into the reserve fund when the 2017 was purchased.

Nick: the 2011 needs rear springs, dump and sides need work. AJ suggested getting rid of the 2011 due to all the repairs needed, and fix the 2017, make a plow for the loader, try to get through the winter. Harry suggested contracting all the plowing out. Josh doesn’t think we could get anyone now. Nick’s concern is that our roads are in bad shape, making the price go up.

Chair: the proposed order was in 2024 we would replace the 6-wheel dump truck, in 2025 we would replace the 10-wheel dump truck.

Nick: if the 2017 is dead, would have lots of overtime by being down to one truck with one guy running during the day and one running during the night. Suggests using ARPA money and put a plow on the grader, it’d plow better with a wing than the loader.

AJ: we own a plow for the loader, do some fabrication, we may be able to get someone in town to haul sand. Would have less trucks but do have good luck with grader and loader.

Nick: we could look into an Army surplus loader just to load sand, would be cheap option.

AJ: suggests fixing the 1991, look for a sander for it, get rid of the ’11, try to get through one more year with the ’17.

Chair: did Nick look into the state contract. Nick: won’t work for what we need. We have to have enough equipment for the guys to do the work.

AJ: we don’t know what we have for money and we aren’t budgeted for one this year.

Chair: is there anyone we can reach out to who may be willing to help plow with their own equipment. AJ: we could reach out. Fred: sub out some of the Class 3? Discussion on what roads used to not be plowed.

Chair: may have to raise taxes to pay for equipment, have to have enough equipment so road crew can do the job. Selectboard handbook states reserve fund is established by voters that may be carried year to year. Can be invested and accumulated, to be decided on by the voters. Our fund is for equipment.

Fred: talked to Chad today (Sullivan Powers & Co) and we are $150,000 in the black, and he got a gravel number of $9,000 and a sand number of $18,000 surplus so he’s letting the road guys purchase, and the checks to the vendors must be in the mail by end of FY23.

Nick: John Deere offering leases on loaders and graders. $5500/month to lease grader.

Fred: If we haven’t touched the capital reserve fund, should be about $50,000 in it.

Chair: We are paying on the grader, ’17, ’11, and the ’21 right now.

Discussion: raising taxes to build our FY25 budget, which would be the 2024 tax bill, to pay for new equipment, also see what we can get through the state. Fix up the ’11 and list it for sale with a time frame so that if it doesn’t sell, we can get it fixed up to get us through the winter. Buying a stainless-steel sander to throw on the ’11 as a backup. Nick and Josh will do their best to get the equipment through the year. Budget was upped for FY24 to help with maintenance.

Chair: people need to know the shape of our equipment, have to prioritize ARPA money and may have to use on equipment. What we know now: Order the replacement truck in July to receive it for FY25, fix the 2011 to sell, put sander in back of the ’91.

Discussion: using the ’91 with sander body.

Nick: would order Western Star, 18 speed transmission, with Viking equipment. $266,667.00 plus 5-year extended warranty price of $16,318.00. Detroit engine is 84 months or 100,000 miles, truck coverage level 4 is 100,000 miles or 84 months, axles/clutch/transmission are 60 months, towing is 84 months, has a belly scraper. Motion by AJ to authorize Nick to order the replacement truck to replace one of our current trucks, 2nd by Fred, carried by ayes. Will be delivered for the FY25 for voters to approve.

Fred will ask Chad for amounts owed on all the equipment.

After the ’11 is fixed and inspected, it will be listed for sale.

3. Road side mowing: Fred discussed what was done in 2022. AJ will write up a proposal to bring to the August selectboard meeting for bid.

4. Sale of the town 4×4 truck-already discussed above.

5. Culvert replacement on Stellar Road: Nick would like to use material taken off Williamstown Road to resurface Steller Road but there’s a culvert in crown of road he wants to fix, will have rental excavator to use. Fred: can they fix the other culverts. Discussion followed on hiring trucking out, using the excavator as much as we can. Will have to put many hours in to make good use of the excavator.

Chair asked for consideration to change September meeting from the 5th to the 12th, motion made by Fred, 2nd by AJ, carried by ayes.

Fred wants addition to the July agenda about finding grants for a building to put by the power at the park.

6. AJ made motion to adjourn meeting at 7:39 p.m., 2nd by Fred, carried by ayes.

Submitted: Lois Deberville, June 22, 2023. Draft to be reviewed at August 1, 2023, board meeting.