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Special Selectboard Meeting Minutes

Special Selectboard Meeting

June 17, 2024

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Selectboard: Sheila Duranleau (Chair), Josh Bell, AJ Galfetti

Town Officials: Peter Carbee (Assistant Town Clerk), Lois Deberville (Town Clerk),

 Leona Grearson (Auditor), Susan Davis (Lister), Billy Donovan (Lister)

  Visitors: Dr. Robert Rinaldi, Ryan Bresette, Jay Peterson

   Via Zoom: Sarah Teel

  1. Chair called meeting to order at 6:03 p.m.
  2. No public comments.
  3. No adjustments to the agenda.
  4. Josh made the motion to approve financing the new Western Star plow truck that’s been ordered, which aligns with the 2020 schedule of replacing one every 7 years upon its warranty expiration. 2nd by AJ, ayes carried.
    1. The board will go through Northfield Savings Bank at 5.7% interest, up to 5 years. The town would borrow @ $211,170, annual payment would be @ $49,800, and the voters had approved an annual payment of $50,000. The board anticipates the truck to be ready this fall.
  5. AJ made the motion to approve the board to seek a loan to bridge the gap in FEMA reimbursements, 2nd by Josh, ayes carried.
    1. This would either be a tax-anticipation note or a grant-application note. The board will determine when to borrow the money depending on bills/income. The board anticipates the FEMA reimbursement to be @ $375,000, with no guarantee on how much will be approved. Town also has @ $70,000 due to it in grant monies. Chris Locarno (Director of Finance & Facilities, Central Vermont Supervisory Union) has been wonderful in allowing the town to make the school payment in increments.
  6. The next scheduled meeting is July 2, 2024, 6:30 p.m. at the town hall.

AJ made the motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:21, 2nd by Josh, ayes carried.

Attest: Lois Deberville

This is a draft subject to amendment/approval at a future selectboard meeting.