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Town Meeting Day Elections March 5, 2024

Town of Washington

The ballot box was turned at 7:30 p.m. with the following results:

Position                                Name                                                                 Votes/Winners in bold                    

Moderator                          Ben Tiefenthaler                                                229                       

Town Clerk                          Lois Deberville                                                    252                       

Treasurer                             Scott Blanchard                                                 216                       

Delinquent                          Scott Blanchard                                                 222                       

Tax Collector

Selectboard                        Robert Blanchard                                             126

                                                Josh Bell                                                          129                       

Mr. Blanchard requested a recount, which was held March 11, 2024, 3:30 p.m. Votes reflect recount.

Library Trustee 5 yr          Maxine Durbrow                                             259                       

Planning 1 yr                      Joseph Bresette                                                 238                       

Planning 2 yr                      Kara Williams                                                     65                          

Planning 3 yr                      Vince Vermette                                                  247                       

Lister 1 year                        Billy Donovan                                                    21                          

Lister 2 year                        Susan Davis                                                         26                          

Auditor 3 yr                        Robert Warren                                                  35                          

Auditor 3 yr                        Leona Grearson                                                 33                          

Cemetery 3 yr                    Robert Farnham                                                221                       

School Director

                3 yr                        Glenn Mack                                                         101

                3 yr                        Dominique Lafond                                           109                       

Mr. Mack did not request a recount.

Rec Dept 3 yr                     Vince Vermette                                                  226                       

Attest: Lois Deberville, Town Clerk

Echo Valley Clerk winner = J. Blais 25 votes. Echo Valley Treasurer= L. Youngman 47 votes.

Attest: Peter Carbee


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